Memor Travel Forum

MTF is impressed by the Swiss ability to invite the whole world in an authentic way while maintaining its down-to-earth attitude.

Looking at some aspects of the recorded history of man, be it from the beginnings of the Torah, the Old Testament, to Jesus of Nazareth and the New Testament.

From the determination of the sounds of vowels and consonants to cuneiform to letters, script and the development of grammar.

From disorientation to the conscious orientation of the individual world of thoughts and orientation in places.

From innovations such as agriculture, the village or the city, to the refinement of telescopes or microscopes.

From exploring the Earth’s interior and tectonic plates to exploring the Alps and observing space.

The infrastructure that facilitates travel and mobility has never been as professionally developed as at the beginning of this century.

In this context it can be seen that general education is not necessarily general, but that there is a variety of ideas about what general education could be.

People with life experience agree that young people can and will travel during their school days or after graduation!

Whether to get to know people, discover places or embark on an educational journey.

Questions arise in this context.

-What effects can travel have on people?

-What impact can the educational journey have on people’s learning behaviour?

-What expectations are appropriate for general education?

The Memor Travel Forum thinks that there is potential for discussion in areas, such as in the area of innovation in the broad sense of the word.

Which considerations, challenges, opportunities, topics and event concepts are beneficial in order to discover this potential locally or internationally and to use it constructively?

These are some considerations of the Memor Travel Forum.